Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Tango!

Seven years ago, Tango, our first rescued cat, was born in a shelter. He was one of the lucky ones. His mother was picked up when she was pregnant, so he and his siblings were born at the shelter and not on the streets.

Then we were the lucky ones. We went to pick out one kitten from many at the shelter and he ended up picking us out. We peeked through the glass in the door, and out of the 14+ cats and kittens, he came running to us and tried to climb up the door. How could we possibly resist him after that? We adopted him on Memorial Day that year and he's been a character ever since.

The shelter had named him Mango, so we just changed the M to a T and called him Tango. Now, whenever people visit, they all ask if they can take him home because he's incredibly beautiful. He weighs 20lbs and is very fluffy and friendly. He'll get on his hind legs and beg to be petted. Needless to say, it works every time. Even to those who aren't cat lovers.

Happy Birthday, Tango! I hope and pray we have many more!

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