Friday, April 27, 2007

HOLY RAVIOLI!! Look at this new release!!

Check out my author friend, JT Schutlz's latest release, Holy Ravioli. This sweet romance and a laugh out loud comedy is available now at Forbidden Publications:

Holy Ravioli! Shira Pravoloni is positive her sweet, though often meddling ma has officially flipped her noodle. Not only does she want Shira’s wedding blessed by the Pope, she is going to help find a man for her, since she isn’t even dating. In her attempt to dodge her mother, she runs out of her office and into the hunkiest man she has ever seen. He not only rescues her from her mother but after a few dates and a few kisses, soon gets her thinking there might be worse fates than marriage.
Joseph Pocente works—that’s all he does. Unless, getting a lecture from his mother about not being married constitutes as a hobby. The more time he spends with Shira, the more he realizes he wants to be with her. So when he finds out she is getting married, it’s a recipe for disaster. When he finds out her arranged marriage is to his cousin, he plans to stop her from marrying someone other than him.
Toss in some crazy family members, a boxing match, and a ravioli-craving priest and it is a wacky race to the alter. The only question remains, who will be the groom?

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