Sunday, May 13, 2007

SIX OF HEARTS is Released!!

Woohoo!! It's finally out!!!!

The romantic suspense epic novel from my author friend,

JT Schultz has been released!!

Six of Hearts is available now at:



Undercover officer Devon Kelly hates homicides, especially, when he knows the victim. The death of one his sister’s friends affects Devon hard since he went to school with her. He thinks back to his sister’s clique, the ‘six of hearts’. The six very rich, very popular, and very pretty girls get him thinking about the leader of the pack. Faith had been the queen of the hearts and had not only ruled the school but every guy’s attention. She had certainly held Devon’s.

Faith Lacey is CEO of her family’s company, Lacey Things Lingerie. She comes home to attend the funeral of her dead friend only to find that she and surviving friends are the target of a serial killer. Every threat or murder is marked with a six of hearts playing card. She lost her virginity, her heart and her soul to Devon—and saved his life. Now he races to save hers, before the Reaper deals a hand of death. The six of hearts—who knew a playing card could be so deadly.

IF you love romance, suspense, action and a sarcastic heroine, then you'll LOVE this book. DO yourself a favor and buy it today!

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