Monday, November 19, 2012

Another 5 Star Reader Review for COWBOY-SEXY!

I am humbled by all the wonderful reader reviews Cowboy-Sexy is amassing on Amazon. Here are just a few incredible things some of the readers had to say:

"This book was free at the time I downloaded it, but I would have paid good money for it! It was well written, the characters were layered and complex, and very likable. A complete page turner, I couldn't wait to see how this was going to turn out. It was witty, and brought out some emotions too! I give the author credit for knowing this fine line, and using it so well." ~ Christine

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had me laughing and smirking so many times my husband kept asking me "what's so funny?" I loved the characters - I could relate the them & they were realistic. I cant wait to read Brett's story" ~ eclaires

"My and download this book as fast as you can. The story line is great, the writing is amazing, and best of all there wasn't any editing problems like you get in some of these free books."  ~ Cindy F.

Here's a new excerpt:

The sun was just touching the picturesque mountains when Cammie walked into the house that evening. It had been a long but fruitful day, and for the first time in a long time, she felt fulfilled.
The college boys had instructed her on how to fix the fence, and a half hour later she had enough of a grasp on things to send them back to the stables. The rest of the day was spent checking rail after rail, until daylight started to fade. She’d gotten half the corral done. Tomorrow she’d work on the other half.
With her shower out of the way, she was walking across the bedroom when Finn burst through the door. Whatever he’d been about to say remained his secret as his dark gaze dropped to her towel. He clamped his jaw and strode to the bathroom, slamming the door instead.
Cammie sank onto the bench and inhaled, wondering what had suddenly happened to all the air. She sprang to her feet. Who knew how long he’d be in there. Keeping an eye on the door, she pulled on her underclothes, tan kakis and a white short-sleeved shirt, slipped her feet into her sandals and was towel drying her hair when he emerged...
Completely naked.
The air disappeared from the room again, but not before Cammie sucked a good portion into her lungs. Damn. The hard glint in Finn’s eyes confirmed he did that on purpose. She twisted around and swallowed, but not before ever bit of him was imprinted into her soul.
The man was…perfect.
Even the purple brown scars covering his leg like a tattoo gone wrong did nothing to lessen his manhood. She swallowed again. There was nothing small about his manhood.
Every part of her body responded to his, and she had all she could do to keep her gaze averted when he stepped beside her to root in his part of the closet. Her insides quivered with a longing she hadn’t felt in years.
They didn’t even know each other. He wasn’t really her fiancĂ©. And the last time she felt this way, she was engaged to a man she loved. This is wrong.
As nonchalant as possible, she straightened and walked to the bathroom, clutching her damp towel. Once inside, she drew in more air and instantly regretted the action. His scent tantalized and engulfed, wrapping around her like a pair of strong arms. She glanced at the opened door. Neither space was safe. She closed her eyes, working to quiet her mind. He was just a man.
A man who hated Marines.
That single thought made her stronger. She opened her eyes, draped her towel next to his on the rack, then turned to the mirror and brushed her hair into a ponytail, trying not to think about Finn’s odd behavior. She failed. The man made no sense. One minute he was yelling at her, the next he was ignoring her and the next he was kissing her as if he couldn’t get enough.
She straightened her shoulders and walked back into the room, telling herself she was glad to find him dressed in jeans and a tan, buttoned-down shirt.
“So?” He watched from across the room, blue eyes dark and stormy.
Apprehension tingled her spine. She stopped short and frowned. “So what?”
If he thought she was going to comment about his brash actions, he was sorely mistaken. She was far from offended. Of course, now she was never going to get the tantalizing image of him out of her head. Ever.
He continued to stare, arms folded across his chest, expression grim.
“How did you make out with the party plans today, dear?”
Who let the cat out of the bag? Cammie knew she’d have to face the disgruntled cowboy sometime, she just hadn’t expected it to be so soon.
Eying his clenched jaw, thin lips and stiff stance, she corrected her assumption. This wasn’t the cowboy she was facing, this was one hundred percent Navy SEAL.
       Cammie slipped into her Marine persona and did what any soldier would do when confronted by a heat seeking missile. She met it head on with her own projectile.

COWBOY-SEXY is a part of The Wild Rose Press' Honky Tonk Hearts Series and available now on Amazon. Click HERE to buy.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to not only read Cowboy-Sexy, but to leave such wonderful reviews.

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