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 My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop/ Week # 32!

Hello! I'm back! Welcome to My Sexy Saturday where authors post 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or WIP. Today's theme is: underneath your sexy.


This model was the inspiration to my hero from my 
Manic Readers Finalist
RONE Awards Finalist
Reader's Choice Finalist

Mitch is the WWII Blacksheep Marine pilot my heroine abducts and brings back to present day because she accidentally interferes with his death and wants to preserve the timeline.
Of course, he thinks she's a German spy. :-) 
But the longer Mitch is with the woman at the secluded cabin where she holds him, the harder it is to fight his unwanted attraction. Underneath her confident air and absurd time travel claim, the woman sparks feelings of deja vu and a deep connection he can't ignore.
Today, my 7 *cough*cough* paragraphs are taken from CAPTIVE HERO (Timeshift Heroes Series/Book One)


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 (Set up: Mitch has turned the tables and captured Samantha and tied her to a chair.)

He slowly lowered his head. “You’re wasting your energy, Samantha. You should know better than to dare a Marine.”     
     Jaw firmly clasped in his hand, Mitch brushed his lips across her clenched mouth and instantly fought back a groan.
Hot damn.
Bursts of fire shot to the flames blazing in his groin and ricocheted up and down his body.
He should’ve pulled back, but didn’t. 
Unable to stop, Mitch rolled with the flow of desire-mixed adrenaline. His tongue snaked out and followed the seam of her lips. To his astonishment and undoing, she moaned and opened her mouth.
Son-of-a-bitch. She allowed him access.
A fission of current spliced down his spine, forever fusing their connection to his mind and body, right down to his very soul. Every nerve-ending tingled. Every hair on his body stood at attention. Samantha grabbed his attention. Over and over, he delved and explored, delighting in her sweet, fiery taste. Cinnamon. And vanilla. She reminded him of a mouthwatering confection. Spicy and sweet.      He should’ve pulled back, but again, he didn’t.
She was a drink and he was parched. He couldn’t stop. And when she leaned forward and brushed his chest with her full, peeked breasts, he didn’t want to stop—refused to stop. Samantha had an incredible body and knew how to use it. Have mercy, he wanted to be used.
 With another moan, she lightly touched her tongue to his and broke his dwindling resolve. Completely forgetting he initiated the move to teach her a lesson, throw her off balance, Mitch dropped to his knees, cupped her face with both hands and deepened the kiss.
Tongues skimmed and teased, looping back and forth in an aerial dance of desire. Beats the hell out of dogfights. Liquid heat melted his spine and flooded every cell. He never met a woman who drove him to this deep, fierce state of hunger.
Or had he?
More images of them naked and embracing shot through his mind. In front of a fire; in a meadow; in a Victorian style four-poster bed. They looked slightly different, but the passion burned the same. Powerful. Intense. Consuming. He didn’t know how, but at the moment, didn’t care. Something about Samantha appealed to him. Tugged deep.
Too bad she was a spy…


Thank you so much for allowing me to share my sexy snippet!

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