Friday, February 7, 2014

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My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop!


Another week has gone by, so it's time to say Hello to week #35! Welcome to My Sexy Saturday where authors post 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or WIP.
This week we’re talking about those characters that just have to be with each other. They'll do what they have to, overcome what they must in order to have their Happily-Ever-After. Very romantic. And what is more romantic than a love that transcends time?

Book One in my Timeshift Heroes Series has just such a couple. Samantha hails from present day, but while test flying a plane she travels back to WWII and inadvertently saves a Marine Blacksheep. Desperate to preserve the timeline, she does the only thing acceptable. Abducts the handsome pilot and brings him back to the present. Of course, Mitch thinks she's a German spy. That's when the fun begins!

Here's 7 sexy paragraphs of from: 

Captive Hero

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Here's my 7 paragraphs of sexy from Mitch and Samantha: 

Mitch was grateful to Ed and Todd for allowing him to fly the past few weeks, even piloting a few incredible aircrafts. But none could compare to the ultimate euphoria he felt at the moment. He knew, without a shadow of a doubt, he had been born to fly a Corsair. The seating, the controls, the movement all felt right. Sheer joy pulled a smile from his lips.  He blazed a trail across the sky, blue giving away to orange as the sun began to set. The flight took away his cares. He was completely unburdened. Unhindered.
He glanced at the incredible woman in his lap, a sexy tilt to her sweet lips. He was born to be with this woman, too. Only…Try as he might, he couldn’t ignore the feeling something was off.
Like the century.
But, that was crazy. He was here. She was here. They were together as they should be. And in a Corsair. Who would’ve thought?
“Having fun?” she asked, leaning in. She was so close. All he had to do was shift sideways a few inches and he could claim her mouth, worship her taste…but he didn’t.
He tipped the plane instead.
She laughed, warm curves pressed against his side, breasts brushing his arm. He turned his face to meet her lips, stealing a kiss that continued even when he righted the plane. He could feel the heart beating wildly in her chest; taste the desire heating her kiss. The woman was intoxicating. She sucked the cells from his brain, and right now, unfortunately, he needed them to focus on flying.
Once they landed, though, all bets where off.
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Dakota Trace said...

Lust in the big blue skies...yep better wait til you land that sucker before devouring your co-pilot. LOL


Donna Michaels said...

lol, so true, Dakota. :-)

PJ DEAN said...

A variation on the Mile High Club. Yes, safe sex and safe piloting. It could happen.

Donna Michaels said...

True, PJ. They do have some fun in that Corsair...