Saturday, March 1, 2014

She Does Know Jack~ @Donna_Michaels #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek38 #Saturday7

Welcome to March! We're into Week 38 of the My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop!


For this week's theme, we’re sharing how our characters get their sexy on. Slow dramatic build ups to their first kiss…or hot, fast passionate foreplay because time is of the essence. Life altering. Earth-shattering. Now that's priceless.
Everyone loves those special moments they know are the start to the promise of Happily-Ever-After. Enjoy this week's hop where authors share 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a book or WIP.

Today, I'm digging into my hot and humorous romance where the heroine is undercover on a reality TV show, and of course, the hero is unaware of her real identity. Here are approximately 7 paragraphs of She Does Know Jack 

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He cupped her face and searched her eyes. “You’re sure you’re not hurt?” When she shook her head, his hands dropped to glide over her arms while he inspected her up and down.
“I’m fine. Better than fine. You know that. Just a bruise on my knee.” She said, pointing to her leg. “Why?”
He expelled a breath and pressed his forehead to hers. “We got the feed from the park. It didn’t show who did it, but it captured the accident. When I think about what could’ve happened…” His voice trailed off as his grip tightened on her arms.
Her throat grew hot. The intensity of Jack’s emotions touched her deeply, but the tenderness of his kiss as his lips caressed hers took her breath away. She’d never felt more cherished in her life. Hell, she’d never even felt cherished before. Nobody ever made her feel the way Jack did. Yeah, she was definitely falling for this man. Hard.
“I want you to be safe, Brielle.” His mouth lingered a moment before trailing kisses to her temple and back again.
Desire shot through her, sparking a need only Jack could assuage. She rose up on tiptoe, asking him—inviting him—hell, begging him to fill the void between their bodies.
But, he didn’t. Much to her disappointment.
He drew back slowly, his breath washing over her in a final caress. “We need to talk.”
Uh oh. She blinked, an unseen weight slamming down on her shoulders so fast her knees nearly buckled. “Okay.”
Grabbing her hand, he led her to the couch. Her pulse quickened. What did he want? Knees touching, he studied their clasped fingers a moment before he spoke. “Brielle, I have something to ask you.”
They both jumped as the cameraman knocked over the garbage can in his haste to move in closer.
Jack scowled at the man, then squeezed her fingers and gazed into her eyes. “I like you, Brielle. A lot. You’re different from any woman I’ve ever met…or ever likely to meet.”
Velvety blue eyes radiated the same genuine emotion as his smile. Her heart tripped over itself, silently urging him to continue.
“Not counting The Limelight, I know it’s only been nine days since we’ve met, but this connection between us is strong, and unless I’m badly mistaken, you feel it, too.” His eyes searched hers in silent question.
“Yes, very much so.” Her reassurance brought his smile back. “So, what did you want to ask?”
His joy faded along with her heartbeats. “I want you to voluntarily leave the show.”


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PJ DEAN said...

Oh Gosh! His concern is the sexiest thing!

Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, PJ. I agree, Jack's concern for Brielle is sexy.