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My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop!


Hello, I'm back for week #43! Welcome to My Sexy Saturday where authors post 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or WIP.   

This week we're talking about characters that exude sexy without even trying. Not through good looks and heart-stopping grins, although, yeah, we all love them. No, this week we're showcasing the characters that are sexy without trying. 

In my brand new release, Book Four in my Harland County Series Kevin is a brilliant computer programmer who is part owner of a horse ranch and the resident Casanova. Yes, he's damn sexy to look at with his ready smile, gorgeous body and killer wit, but that isn't what makes him so sexy to my heroine, Shayla. It's the sweet and tender way he treats her two-year-old daughter. 

Here's 7 sexy paragraphs from: 

Her  Forever Cowboy

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Here's my 7 paragraphs of Kevin being sexy without trying:  

Shayla’s heart was in her throat as she rushed into the living room and stopped dead. All evidence of chaos and disorder from her daughter’s free rein while she’d laid on the couch yesterday was completely gone. Erased. Deleted. The place was spotless. But that wasn’t what tripped her heart and squeezed her chest so tight she had to suck in a breath.
Fingers pressed to her mouth, she fought to keep her reaction inside. God, they were so sweet. Leaning against the wall, she stared at the cowboy slumbering on her couch in an unbuttoned blue flannel shirt, well-worn jeans with his bare feet sticking over one end, while Amelia slept on his bare chest.
He’d changed out of his suit since last night. Probably Amelia’s doing. Her lips twitched. They looked so cute. So relaxed. So…perfect.
Careful not to wake the pair, she reached for her phone on an end table, and without giving it much thought, snapped their picture should she need to remind herself that the Casanova had actually done something nice.
Okay, he’d done more than one nice thing. She inhaled and let it out slow. When Shayla had answered Kevin’s knocking last night, she’d expected him to run away and wouldn’t have blamed him. She’d looked like she’d felt. Horrible. But Kevin had come in, then held her hair while she threw up. Who does that? No guy she’d ever known. Not even Bobby. But the fun-loving cowboy had, and then he went on to take care of her, made her get in bed, brought her crushed ice and a cool washcloth.
Her heart softened toward the cowboy without her permission. Damn. She did not want to like him. Lusting him was fine. It made sense. She was a healthy female. He was a healthy man. Her gaze ran down the length of him then slowly scoured every inch of his bared torso. A very healthy man. The cowboy had more ridges than she’d expected. And the sprinkling of dark hair across his chest had been a surprise, too. A nice one. She ventured closer for a better look because Amelia’s body was blocking the side view.
Ah, hell. He had a happy trail.
Her knees started to buckle. Blaming it on her weakened state, she bent to steady herself on the coffee table, then closed her eyes and drew in a breath. Nope. Didn’t help. She drew in a few more.  Idiot. Wasn’t like she hadn’t seen a handsome man naked before, and this one was far from naked. She was acting like a twit.
“What are you doing out of bed?”
Heaven help her, his low, sleep-coated voice was so damn sexy all the strength returning to her legs disappeared again.   
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