Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Daye With A SEAL- @My Sexy Saturday #MSS140

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop! It's week #140!!

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday where authors post 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or WIP. 
Time flies! I can't believe MSS is into week 140! 

I know I've been out of the loop for a bit. Sorry. Life has gotten insane! This week we're talking about A Sexy Dance. It can be a physical dance when the hero and heroine come to realize something special happens when they touch. Or, it could be how they dance around each other, trying to avoid the fact there is something special going on. Either way, I love to write it and enjoy sharing it with readers.

This week, I'm sharing a snippet from Book 3 in my  Dangerous Curves Series  Hawk is a former Navy SEAL who tries like hell to do the dance of avoidance with the sexy sister of a fellow comrade...until she walks in on an op and right into danger.

Here's 7 sexy paragraphs from: 


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Here's my sexy snippet between Hawk and Gina:  
(They're doing a different kind of dance--where she thinks he's kidnapped her and she's trying to get away...)

“Damn it, Gina. Stop.” He held her palms flat on the door above her head and pressed into her back with his solid body. “I’m not the enemy.”
His warm breath hit her neck in spurts, sending goose bumps down her back.
And it wasn’t from fear. It was from something much worse. Dammit. She did not want this attraction. It was sick.
She stopped struggling, hoping he’d ease up and move away. She couldn’t take much more of his body brushing hers. “Then why are you holding me prisoner?”
“I’m not.”
Try as she might, she couldn’t stop the tremors wracking her body.
Sick. Just sick.
“S-so, why is the door locked?”
He sighed, sending more of those damn goose bumps over her skin, this time down her right breast.
Are you freaking kidding me? Now her nipple peaked.
“Look, do you promise to behave if I let go of you?” His damn lips brushed her neck while he talked.
Now both nipples were high-beaming.
“Yes.” She nodded.
Idiot! That only caused more brushing of his lips.
“Okay.” He released her wrists and stepped back.
She drew in a ragged breath. As she lowered her arms, she pushed off the door and side-stepped him to race for the kitchen, hoping to God there was a back door.
“Son-of-a-bitch,” he growled, lunging for her and grasping her arm.
Gina’s fingers shook as she unzipped her coat and slipped out of it—and his hold—before he could stop her. His muttered oath echoed around them.
Not bad for a business major, she thought, and a burst of renewed energy rushed through her at the sight of the door.
But a second later, she was on the kitchen floor, wrestling with one pissed off former SEAL.

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