Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I've been tagged in the Zig Zag Tag!

Hello, everyone! My author friend, JM Stewart tagged me in the Zig Zag Tag just before Thanksgiving. Sorry it's taken me so long to get this post out. I was having a little bit of trouble finding someone else to tag. Certainly understandable this time of the year. I want to thank Dawn Douglas for stepping up to the plate!

This is how it works:  Find the word 'look' in your new release, upcoming release or work-in-progress, and post an excerpt from that section of the book/manuscript. I'm posting from my new release Captive Hero which is:

FREE for 2 more days!

This book is my first ever self-published novel. Captive Hero is the first book in my Time-shift Heroes Series. This is Samantha's and Mitch's story. Here's the blurb:

When Marine Corp test pilot, Captain Samantha Sheppard accidentally flies back in time and inadvertently saves the life of a WWII VMF Black Sheep pilot, she changes history and makes a crack decision to abduct him back to the present. With the timeline in jeopardy, she hides the handsome pilot at her secluded cabin in the Colorado wilderness.
But convincing her sexy, stubborn captive that he is now in another century proves harder than she anticipated—and soon it becomes difficult to tell who is captor and who is captive when the more he learns about the future, the more Sam discovers about the past, and the soul-deep connection between them.
As their flames of desire burn into overdrive, her flying Ace makes a historical discovery that threatens her family’s very existence. Sam’s fears are taken to new heights when she realizes the only way to fix the time-line is to sacrifice her captive hero...or is it?
Can love truly survive the test of time?               

 Okay, here's my excerpt containing word 'look'. Set up: Samantha just came out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel because Mitch took her duffle bag and all her clothes, which he was searching for weapons...etc. when he comes across her birth control pills. This scene takes place immediately after she explains the pills to him.

He folded his arms across his chest, his body heating before he even got the words out. “So, you are planning to seduce me.”
“What? Oh for the love of…” Her mouth clamped shut, eyes glittered and body stiffened. “If you must know, I need the hormone therapy to help with cysts. I have to take one pill a day at the same time every day, and I’ll need one first thing in the morning. Now, give me my damn pills!”
Before he could react, she lunged for the packet and gripped the bottom edge. Damn, she was fast. He pulled while she tugged, and he tried desperately to ignore the soft curves brushing his body or the mouthful of wet hair tickling his face.  God, she smells great. More vanilla. He inhaled and a layer of warmth increased the heat already throbbing inside. Touching her was out of the question. He’d just have to keep twisting and lifting.
Several more seconds of sweet torture and he finally got the upper hand. Success. He ripped the pills from her grasp.
“Dammit, Captain,” she growled, her warm breath hitting his chin.
Didn’t the woman know how to give up? Apparently not. She continued her delicious assault, pressing against him, reaching, trying to crawl up his body for the damn packet. Cripes. She was potent.
And naked.
All the struggling loosened the towel which softly thudded on to his right foot.
“Shit!” She released him and bent down to grab the wayward towel, brushing his throbbing body along the way.
He went still. Very still. He didn’t even dare to breathe. But he did look. Oh, hell yeah, he looked.

The other rule to the 'tag' is that I'm supposed to tag five people, but as I mentioned earlier, I only have one. Don't forget to stop by Dawn's blog and check out her Zig Zag Tag!

 And don't forget to get your FREE copy of Captive Hero HERE today!!


LisaRayns said...

Got it and shared on fb and Tw. Thanks!

Calisa Rhose said...

Sounds like a great read Donna. Sorry not to let you tag me, but I was already tagged this week.

Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, Lisa and Calisa!
No problem, Calisa. I had to turn some down, too.