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Homeless and unemployed thanks to an earthquake, divorced California chef Kerri Masters agrees to head back to her hometown to help plan her sister’s Texas wedding.  It must be her weakened state that has her eyeing the neighbor she used to follow around as a child. Her tastes tend towards gentlemen in suits, cultured, and neatly groomed— not a dimple-glaring, giant of a cowboy. He’s big and virile, and makes her want things the inadequacies brought out during her divorce keep her from carrying out. 

Connor McCall’s brotherly feelings for the pesky former neighbor disappear when the grown up version steps on his ranch in her fancy clothes and shiny heels. Too bad she’s a city girl, because he has no use for them. Three times he tried to marry one, and three times the engagements failed. He’s not looking for number four no matter how much his body is all for jumping back in the saddle and showing the sexy chef just how it feels to be loved by a cowboy. 
Turns out the earthquake was nothing compared to the passionate, force of nature of an unbridled cowboy, and Kerri learns far more about herself, and Connor, than she ever expected.  But when events put his trust in her on the line, will he choose his heart or his pride?
Alex McCall chimed in, draping an arm around his petite wife. “No one’s more stubborn than our boys.”
Whatever it was, Kerri would be forever grateful for whatever caused her sister to hit the pavement at that exact moment. And she had to admit, now she was just a tad envious, too. Envious that her sister had found such a strong love twice in her life, while she couldn’t find it even once. All she’d managed was a disastrous marriage that had left her hurt, confused and divorced, doubting there were any good men left in the world.
“That’s not entirely true.” A deep baritone with a hint of humor cut through the room, captivating the air into a silence of unadulterated anticipation, and sent her heart tail-spinning into her ribs, until she looked up and realized he was talking to his father.
Still, the captivation part was typical Connor McCall fashion.
There wasn’t an unattached female in the tri-county area safe from his sex appeal. That’s why Kerri kept her gaze glued to the worn-out sole of his left boot. She knew her place. He was way out of her league. She was under no illusion as to where she stood against such a virile man. Heck, she didn’t even qualify to kiss the sole of his worn-out left boot. But that’s where her gaze remained. Much safer than traveling upward.
She hadn’t really said more than a quick hello. He’d headed to the stables shortly after they’d arrived, and she’d happily retreated to her room to regroup. To summon strength, because she was a vulnerable mess at the moment. If she could just gather some willpower, even just a smidge, in order to resist the gorgeous cowboy…because heck, he made her feel things she had no business feeling. Cripes, she was desperate. Had to be if she was stupid enough to let herself feel something for someone like him. He was too raw, too manly.
Yes, staring at Connor’s boot was about all she could handle at the moment. Anything higher…
Heat shot through her body, settling in her face and other parts further south. Parts that liked to be called good, but she preferred to call them closed for the season. No way could she allow her gaze to take in the whole man. Jeez, the toned scenery of his northern terrain could make a girl want to get lost. And stay lost. Forever. Connor McCall sported a very sexy landscape restricted for equally sexy women…of which she was not.
The reality of those words hit her with the force of an icy, cold blast. She blinked until his boot came back into focus.
“There is someone more stubborn than us,” he continued, that darn sexy drawl sending shivers to her toes, while an unwelcomed heat pooled low in her belly.
And she’d only just cooled off.
“Who?” his father asked.
Jordan,” came Connor’s humorous reply.
Laughter filled the room. No one would argue the fact. Once her sister made up her mind about anything, she didn’t let go. Kerri laughed, too. When the cowboy was right, he was right.
Smiling, she lifted her head, intending to snicker at her sister but…dang, it wasn’t her sister who filled her view.
Tall, broad shoulders and chest, muscles bulging out from under his red, rolled up sleeves, brown hair, dancing brown eyes and those darn dimples…six-foot-four-inches of Texas testosterone. The equivalent of saturated fat. Tasted good but wasn’t good for you.
Granted, she’d only had a little taste when he’d briefly kissed her at her parent’s anniversary party back in September. But it had been enough for Kerri to scratch him off her menu—permanently. That small sampling promised to be as delicious as a fresh from the oven cannoli dipped in chocolate. How could she stop at just one? She couldn’t, hence the permanent scratching off part.
Besides, she preferred men with class, who’d pick her up for a date wearing a suit and enjoyed the fine arts. Not a brash, long-haired cowboy whose favorite pastime was teasing and never took anything serious. One who thought dressing up was donning a new pair of jeans. Whose idea of culture was the black velvet painting of a pack of poker playing, cigar smoking, bulldogs hanging in his office.
A smirk hovered on her lips, while her gaze traveled up the tall Texan. Maybe she’d gotten this all wrong. Maybe he was out of her league…
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