Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RomCon Dish

Well, despite a not so great return trip from RomCon, I had a blast!

Meeting up with readers and authors and bloggers was really a treat for me. So nice to be surrounded by people who understood my mindset. Mingling with kindred spirits is something every author and reader needs once in awhile.

I was thrilled to be a part of the Cowboy Corral where we hosted a fun little party, complete with giveaways and a handsome cowboy willing to pose his hat off for all the guests. At the end, we corralled him for a shot with all the hosts.

The Cowboy Crew: Paty Jager, Lorelei James, Randi Alexander, Helen Hardt, Cynthia Woolf and myself surrounding our good sport of a cowboy! He stood and took pictures with all the attendees without once complaining.

The next day, at my designated book signing, I was lucky to sit next to the very gracious YA/NA New York Times Best Selling Author Jamie McGuire. She gave away a ton of books and signed each and every one, plus those that her fans brought along. Her hand had to be tired but she never once complained and happily posed for picture after picture.

Speaking of pictures, it was there that I spotted fitness model Gary Taylor. He was such a sweetheart. When I asked if I could take his picture he said, "Sure, as long as you're in it." So that's how I ended up in this photo.
I'm the poster child for non-photogenic but I accepted his terms and was happy to have had the chance to thank Gary and ask him to continue to post encouraging messages to young women about how they should be treated by men. I especially love his 'Keep it Classy' T-shirts! Well done, Gary!

My contemporary time-shift--CAPTIVE HERO--was a finalist in the Reader's Crown Awards! It was thrilling to be nominated among such wonderful authors!

Vegas night was a blast. Hosted by my publisher, we had a wonderful time giving away prizes, and then whiling away a few hours at a blackjack table playing with their chips. My roommate, Donna Dalton and I (we were known to all as the Double D' had way too much fun increasing our chips despite it being our first time playing!

So, now that that conference is over, it's time to get ready for the first annual RNConvention in Las Vegas, baby! Hope to see some of you there in August!

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