Friday, June 7, 2013

Week 2 My Sexy Saturday @donna_michaels #MySexySaturday

I've joined in on the fun!

Each Saturday at My Sexy Saturday...expect to have your senses titillated with hot writing, tame to sensual to explicit, from authors near and far. One does not always have to take their clothes off for something to be sexy. Everyone has their own idea of sexy. Each author will post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words of sexiness from a WIP, current release, backlist...etc. You get the idea.

This week, since I do happen to have a brand new release: Book 2 in my Harland County Series, I'm choosing to post 7 sentences from HER UNBRIDLED COWBOY:

As soon as the doors closed behind them, Connor gently shoved her into the nearby pantry and shut the door. Before she could ask what was wrong, he had her up against the wall, bodies pressed tight, mouth on hers in a hungry, demanding kiss.

All thoughts of anxiety, lunch and the people in the other room shot from her mind as heat and need took over. Dang, the cowboy can kiss. She clutched him, her knees buckling, moan low in her throat as she rocked into him.
He broke the kiss and buried his face in her hair. “God, I thought about doing that all week.”

Thanks so much for reading! But the fun isn't over yet. Check out the other links below and continue to get your sexy on!


nora snowdon said...

cute excerpt, just enough to whet the appetite.

Donna Michaels said...

Thank you, Nora!

That's why I picked it. ;-)

Lynn Crain said...

Wow...nice excerpt...thanks for participating!


Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, Lynn. I had fun!