Saturday, July 13, 2013

#My Sexy Saturday- Brielle and Jack...and reality TV

It’s time for My Sexy Saturday, a blog hop where writers share seven sexy words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or work in progress.

This week, since it's getting close to my release day , July 19th! I'd like to share a sexy scene featuring Brielle and Jack from my romantic comedy suspense where the heroine goes undercover on a reality TV show to find out who is threatening the groom, and discovers she knows his brother from a prior undercover case...a case where they had a one night stand...

Here are 7 paragraphs from SHE DOES KNOW JACK:

He stepped closer. Heat from his body seeped into her skin, raising her temperature to an instant burn. The pull of arousal ran deep—all the way to her good parts, which were screaming for her to allow Jack to make them happy again.
With his mouth a mere inch away, Jack’s curse washed over her face as his hands settled on her hips. Warmed by his breath and touch, she gave in, lost, her mind officially shut down and her body eagerly took over. She wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her tongue over her lower lip in anticipation of what was to come.
He groaned, and bent his head, until their mouths finally made a connection.
Lips brushed, hot and real, sending tingles down her neck and spine. She didn’t move, didn’t breathe, letting his touch awaken every known and unknown pore. God, it hadn’t been all in her mind. The frenzy, out of control wild yearning from The Limelight was back. She’d blamed it on the situation. The bad boy liaison. The fact it was her one and only one-night stand. Oh, she had a million reasons why her body had ignited under Dodger’s touch that night. But, heaven help her, Jack was quickly blowing each and every one of them right out of the water.
Tentative, soft and sweet in one beat, and in the next they were kissing, wet and hard, and breathtakingly frantic. He tasted of pizza and beer, and hot, very, very hot. She wanted more. Needed more. Her body wanted everything it knew he possessed.
As if reading her mind, he backed her against the counter and rocked against her. Oh, sweet mercy she couldn’t feel her legs. Heat had burst through her core and shot out in all directions. She moaned into his mouth and fisted his shirt. The man was one hell of a kisser.
He freed his hands to thread into her hair and draw her in deeper. Jack took her on a trip far surpassing what they’d experienced at The Limelight.
The Limelight.
She broke the kiss and reached for the counter to keep from falling. They shouldn’t have kissed. That much whispered through the fog in her brain. As for why…those answers weren’t forthcoming.
He gripped the counter next to her, his breathing just as ragged as her own. “This is insane,” he rasped, resting his forehead against one of the top maple cabinets.
“I know,” she managed, making the mistake of glancing at him.
His eyes still smoldered, and a second later, he hauled her close and kissed her again.

(Okay, I know if you count the small tiny sentences as paragraphs, then I did a few more than seven, but it left the snippet in a weird spot if I stopped at seven.)
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