Friday, July 26, 2013

She Does Know Jack ~ @Donna_Michaels #MySexySaturday

Welcome to week #10 of My Sexy Saturday!

Sit back and enjoy a blog hop where writers share seven sexy words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or work in progress. You know the drill. Everyone has their idea of sexy. It can be a look, a touch and with clothes on or off. Each week, authors will bring you their idea of sexy with seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs. Let the sevens begin!

Next week, I will highlight a different book, but today I'd still like to share another sexy scene from my new romantic comedy suspense, She Does Know Jack. Here's a little snippet from a 5 Star reader review:
"One of Donna Michaels' strengths as a writer of popular fiction (and she has many!) is her ability to make characters leap off the page in compelling scenes that are both believable and contemporary. She has a gift, too, for snappy, authentic dialogue -- I often felt that I was watching and hearing this book rather than reading it. The pace is fast, the action is intense, and the plot held my interest."

Working undercover on reality TV has never been more dangerous to her heart...

Here are 7 paragraphs from SHE DOES KNOW JACK:

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     Doing her best not to give into the urge to run so she could be alone with him again, to try to smooth the trouble from his brow, Brielle crossed the room at a normal pace. She was feeling far from normal. This man made her scalp sweat. She was falling for him. Big time. A fact that scared the hell out of her and excited her at the same time. Pulse leaping as the door shut behind her, she turned and melted into him.
He cupped her face and searched her eyes. “You’re sure you’re not hurt?” When she shook her head, his hands dropped to glide over her arms while he inspected her up and down.
“I’m fine. Better than fine. You know that. Just a bruise on my knee.” She said, pointing to her leg. “Why?”
He expelled a breath and pressed his forehead to hers. “We got the feed from the park. It didn’t show who did it, but it captured the accident. When I think about what could’ve happened…” His voice trailed off as his grip tightened on her arms.
Her throat grew hot. The intensity of Jack’s emotions touched her deeply, but the tenderness of his kiss as his lips caressed hers took her breath away. She’d never felt more cherished in her life. Hell, she’d never even felt cherished before. Nobody ever made her feel the way Jack did. Yeah, she was definitely falling for this man. Hard.
“I want you to be safe, Brielle.” His mouth lingered a moment before trailing kisses to her temple and back again.
Desire shot through her, sparking a need only Jack could assuage. She rose up on tiptoe, asking him—inviting him—hell, begging him to fill the void between their bodies.

SHE DOES KNOW JACK is now available at Amazon!
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Dakota Trace said...

Very nice, Donna. Love a man that can be tender but alpha at the same time. Wouldn't want to be her attacters shoes if he catchs up with them.


Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, Dakota. Yes, Jack can be a tender alpha. :-)