Saturday, July 20, 2013

#My Sexy Saturday - SHE DOES KNOW JACK @Donna_Michaels

It’s week #8 for My Sexy Saturday, a blog hop where writers share seven sexy words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or work in progress.Everyone has their idea of sexy. It can be a look, a touch and with clothes on or off. Each week, authors will bring you their idea of sexy with seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs. Let the sevens begin!

I have a new release that is FREE this weekend, so I'd like to share another sexy scene featuring Brielle and Jack from my romantic comedy suspense where the heroine goes undercover on a reality TV show to find out who is threatening the groom, and discovers she knows his brother from a prior undercover case...a case where they had a one night stand.

Working undercover on reality TV has never been more dangerous to her heart...

Here are 7 paragraphs from SHE DOES KNOW JACK:
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“And if we play our cards right, we’ll catch the offender in no time.
“We?” He shook his head and grasped her shoulders. “Oh, hell no. There is no we, Ms. Bennett. This isn’t a game.”
“Yes—we,” she corrected, lifting her chin. Heat seared her skin from under his grasp, but she applauded herself for resisting the urge to press closer. “As I see it, I have two choices, Mr. Anderson. I can either cower and leave the show, or stand my ground. I’m much better at standing.”
His gaze darkened to a smoky blue before dropping to her mouth. Ah, heaven help her. Not that again. Her heart did an impromptu fire drill—stopped, dropped, then rolled.
All thoughts of the show, threats and suspects clouded as her body responded to Jack’s nearness. That pressing-closer urge grew stronger. Much stronger. She only had to lean forward and they’d be heart-to-heart, body-to-body.
Good parts to good parts.
A second later, his palms hit the wall on either side of her head. He did the pressing. His hot, hard, solid body pushed her into the wall and warm breath washed over her as he let out a curse while lowering his face towards hers…

SHE DOES KNOW JACK is now FREE this weekend!
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