Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Money Bunny by JT Schultz is Released!!

The Money Bunny -

Available Now! From Forbidden Publications

A bunny on a bus?

Jackson Hunter thought he had seen it all until one bad day forces him to take the bus. A nutcase in a bunny outfit and designer sunglasses hops on, gives out money in a card to every passenger, then hops off. Chasing the bunny down a sidewalk after it hops away is weirder. Finding out the beautiful blonde at a bar that has caught his eye is not only the runaway rabbit, but the lawyer suing him sends the fur flying and leads to some fancy footwork.

Attorney Abigail Crosby has it all. She also has zero patience for Hunter Industries, the company that plans to destroy the neighborhood she grew up in and leave families without affordable housing. How was she to know that the hunk on the bus could fill the void in her life that she never noticed before? Only after great conversation, shared meals, and mind-blowing sex she discovers that he is the defendant. With the court date fast approaching, emotions are running high. Can she pull a rabbit out of her hat, saving her career and what she has with Jack, or in the end will it boil down to the money bunny?


His voice alone caressed her skin and she fought for composure. Abby had reminded herself she was an attorney, and had forced herself to speak, but telling him that stalking was illegal may not have been her best move.

Suave, real suave in winning over Prince Charming. Her cheeks stung. Yep, undoubted, she was blushing. Son of a bitch! To think, I’m a professional.

“I’m sure I would have remembered if we had met.” His voice was deep, sexy, and she highly doubted it was meant to turn her on. Or was it?

“Um, I guess you wouldn’t believe me…”

Something flickered in his dark, brown eyes and they sparkled. His long, jet-black lashes blinked in disbelief as he leaned in closer to her. The smell of his cologne affected her the same way it had on the bus earlier that day. When his nose brushed lightly against her neck up to her ear, her skin heated and her breath was lost. Her nipples tightened beneath the light fabric from his skin touching hers. The air sucked out of her lungs and rational thought--hell any thought had vanished.

“I received an envelope today that smelled as wonderful as you.”

Inhaling sharply, she stepped back, blinked, and glanced around. “How did you know?”
His warm chuckle filled the air, warming it and her body considerably. His eyes danced. “I didn’t until you spoke.”

“Please don’t tell.” She barely heard her voice; how was he supposed to hear her?

“I won’t.” His smile was broad, making him even sexier and her thong damp. “I didn’t think I would see you again.”

“What are you doing here?” She glanced to the drink in his hand. Talk about a stupid question.

“Well, contrary to what you may think, I’m not stalking you, but if I had known it was one of the options, I may have considered it.” He laughed. The sound was incredible and turned her on. “I was checking out a blonde and thinking honestly of another woman in a bunny outfit that I would never see again.” His expression had grown more serious and his voice had become quieter.

“And now that you know that they are one in the same?” Why did he make her nervous? Right-- gorgeous, tall, dark, and downright delicious in a really expensive suit.

“I’m amazed that we are again in the same spot at the same time.” His brows furrowed. “And I’m wondering if I will be able to get your name.”

Okay, he is also charming. “I’m Abby.”

“Abby, I like it. I’m Jack, and now that we have that out of the way, what would it take to convince you to leave this place with me for something quieter?”

“An answer.” She wasn’t coy by nature, but then again, nature didn’t normally have the hunkiest man in the world cross her path twice in the same day.

“Well, I have an answer, what would be the question.”

Here goes nothing. “Your place or mine?”

Friday, June 15, 2007

RAINING MEN by JT Schultz is released!!

Announcing the release of JT's fun, sexy--LMAO read
Raining Men.

Here's the blurb:

A ball player, a police officer and a fireman oh my!

It’s raining men and the weather outside is hunky, hunkier and hot! At least gallery owner Charly Jamison is convinced after moving from New York back to California. Her closest friends are nearby and its miles away from a stalker. The only other woman on the block where she lives, is a sweet little church lady that has “messages” for her and there is a gorgeous man at every turn.

All the men in her life want her, while there is only one man that holds her heart. Her friends are crazier than she is and she’s the one living a double life painting erotic pictures under an alias--Joey Sinn. Not a problem, every man in the world wants her too. Charly’s gallery opening fast approaches, the threats of the stalker are back into full swing and her life spins into a downpour of wrong, but more than delicious men. Who will save her? Will it be the man she loves and in the end, will he love her too?

Enjoy your copy today!