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A Daye With A SEAL- @My Sexy Saturday #MSS140

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop! It's week #140!!

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday where authors post 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or WIP. 
Time flies! I can't believe MSS is into week 140! 

I know I've been out of the loop for a bit. Sorry. Life has gotten insane! This week we're talking about A Sexy Dance. It can be a physical dance when the hero and heroine come to realize something special happens when they touch. Or, it could be how they dance around each other, trying to avoid the fact there is something special going on. Either way, I love to write it and enjoy sharing it with readers.

This week, I'm sharing a snippet from Book 3 in my  Dangerous Curves Series  Hawk is a former Navy SEAL who tries like hell to do the dance of avoidance with the sexy sister of a fellow comrade...until she walks in on an op and right into danger.

Here's 7 sexy paragraphs from: 


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Here's my sexy snippet between Hawk and Gina:  
(They're doing a different kind of dance--where she thinks he's kidnapped her and she's trying to get away...)

“Damn it, Gina. Stop.” He held her palms flat on the door above her head and pressed into her back with his solid body. “I’m not the enemy.”
His warm breath hit her neck in spurts, sending goose bumps down her back.
And it wasn’t from fear. It was from something much worse. Dammit. She did not want this attraction. It was sick.
She stopped struggling, hoping he’d ease up and move away. She couldn’t take much more of his body brushing hers. “Then why are you holding me prisoner?”
“I’m not.”
Try as she might, she couldn’t stop the tremors wracking her body.
Sick. Just sick.
“S-so, why is the door locked?”
He sighed, sending more of those damn goose bumps over her skin, this time down her right breast.
Are you freaking kidding me? Now her nipple peaked.
“Look, do you promise to behave if I let go of you?” His damn lips brushed her neck while he talked.
Now both nipples were high-beaming.
“Yes.” She nodded.
Idiot! That only caused more brushing of his lips.
“Okay.” He released her wrists and stepped back.
She drew in a ragged breath. As she lowered her arms, she pushed off the door and side-stepped him to race for the kitchen, hoping to God there was a back door.
“Son-of-a-bitch,” he growled, lunging for her and grasping her arm.
Gina’s fingers shook as she unzipped her coat and slipped out of it—and his hold—before he could stop her. His muttered oath echoed around them.
Not bad for a business major, she thought, and a burst of renewed energy rushed through her at the sight of the door.
But a second later, she was on the kitchen floor, wrestling with one pissed off former SEAL.

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Great news!

I just signed a 3 book contract with Entangled Publishing for a military/cowboy series set in Texas!! Woot!!
Former Army Rangers own and operate a construction company that hires veterans!! They also own a ranch where the veterans are welcome to stay as they readjust to civilian life. This has been in the makings for well over a year, and I’m thrilled to finally be a part of the Entangled family!

This series will fall under their Lovestruck imprint.  

Fall in love with the possibilities…

Find love where you least expect it with Lovestruck, Entangled’s smart new category romantic comedy imprint. Memorable, oftentimes hilarious “meet-cutes” between strangers, a strong romantic connection, sizzling sexual tension, and satisfying endings that leave readers smitten.


Right now, I’m working on the first book:
In a Ranger's Arms
Tentative Blurb:

Driven by guilt over the attempted suicide of a friend, former Army Ranger, Stone Mitchum swears off women until the construction company he opened with a few Ranger buddies to employ returning vets is running smooth. But when a hot, new tenant from his property in town literally falls into his arms, she tempts his self-imposed punishment.

Business major Jovy Larson is in a bind. Years ago, she made a deathbed promise to her father to pursue her dream, and running the family company has always been her goal. But when her retiring grandfather pits her against her cousin to determine his successor, she’s sent to the middle of cattle country Texas for four weeks to sell gluten-free, vegan food. Dealing with that near impossible task is tough, but not half as tough as dealing with her sexy, ornery landlord.

With the help of a lovesick cow, two local tofu geniuses, and a few well-meaning veterans, Stone and Jovy give into their attraction. But when her lease runs out, and trial run is over, will she remain in the Ranger’s arms?
Part 2 of my news:

I have 2 books nominated in this year’s RONE Awards! Both, COWBOY PAYBACK and LOCKE AND LOAD are nominated in the Cops, Jocks and Cowboys category in InD’tale’s 2016 RONE Awards! If you’ve read them and feel one (or both, you can vote for 2) deserves to move forward to the finals, then I’d truly appreciate if you’d save the following link to vote on Week Four—May 9 - 15!! Thank you!!

My deadline is approaching fast, so I’d better get back to my writing cave. 
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snippet Sunday: Quick peek at upcoming Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds release! #SnippetSunday

Hello! Welcome to my world of Romaginative Fiction--where romance and my imagination collide! This is my first Snippet Sunday, and I'm excited to kick it off with a peek at my upcoming Tuesday, Jan. 26th release of A DAYE WITH A SEAL, a Dangerous Curves and Cat Johnson's Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds crossover novella!


Medically discharged after a mission gone bad, Navy SEAL Gabriel ‘Hawk’ Barrett regains his sight, and when hired by GAPS and the Knight Agency, most of his self-worth. Assigned to go undercover as a gun for hire, he’s determined to do whatever it takes to complete the mission, but his restraint is tested when his buddy’s hot sister becomes mistakenly involved.
When her brother disappears, coffee shop owner Gina Daye seeks help from his former teams members, only to have the almighty Hawk turn her down. But before she realizes he’s in the middle of an assignment, she’s embroiled in the mission.
Sequestered together to avoid an international incident, the pair face down the enemy, a multitude of bullets, and even more dangerous—their long denied attraction.


“Get my sister out of there, now, Hawk!” Cameron “Nightwing” Daye’s voice boomed over the com in Gabriel’s ear.

Ah, hell.

His first damn assignment as a temporary agent with the Guardian Angel Protection Service and it was already jacked up. Leave it to Cam’s headstrong sister to sashay her hot body into the middle of an op and blow their covers.

Not Cam’s. He wasn’t in the building. No. He and one of the founders of G.A.P.S., their former SEAL buddy, Jon Rudnick, were listening via coms in a van parked down the street.

Tonight, he and Tyler “Turbo” Ward were set to meet with the man looking to hire freelance mercs. The job was a snatch-n-grab on a visiting dignitary GAPS had been hired to protect. The prince arrived in two days. With solid intel that the man’s life was in danger, Gabriel and Turbo hoped to get hired into the organization to take it down.

So, with Jon and Cam out of sight, the only covers the beautiful brunette in tight jeans and sexy black boots was about to blow were his and Turbo’s.

Good thing they were undercover as themselves.

“Turbo! It’s great to see you again.” The woman’s flawless smile lit her face from within, giving life to her mesmerizing brown eyes.

A man could drown his sorrows in those whiskey-colored depths.

Not him. He was immune.

Hell, he’d fought the tug of Gina Daye’s unnerving allure ever since the afternoon they’d first met in her aunt’s back yard a decade ago. He’d just finished BUDs training with Cam, and they were celebrating with a barbeque when this beautiful college freshman breezed outside with a youthful exuberance and innocence that stole his breath.

She was too beautiful. Too sweet for a tainted guy who’d spent half of his childhood in the system.

That was the first and last time he’d ever gone to Cam’s place. A SEAL never messed with a buddy’s sister. He’d made a point to avoid Gina ever since. The woman affected him without effort. Made him feel. Revved his pulse.

Like now. Damn it. He didn’t want to feel.

“Gina!” Turbo rose and pulled the woman close.

He remained seated, a fact she noted with a raised brow when she turned to him.

“Ah, Hawk. Ever the gentleman,” she said, and son-of-a-bitch, proceeded to hug him anyway.

He could feel the swell of her breast on his arm despite her leather jacket, and damn she smelled good. Like spring flowers. He had to fight the sudden urge to wrap his arms around her, pull her onto his lap, and bury his face in her neck like he’d done countless times in his fantasies.

“Dammit, Hawk. Tell her to leave,” Cam growled over the com again.

“You need to go.”

She stiffened and drew back. “Great to see you, too.” Then she deliberately pulled out a chair and sat down…all while smiling in his face.

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