Thursday, July 26, 2007


Rescued Heart
By Donna Michaels
Romantic Action/Suspense
24 pages
Available now at Forbidden Publications


Lt. Fallon Carter is on a mission; an unauthorized mission to rescue the man she loves, Cpt. Kade Taggart, her commander and secret lover for the past few months.

Captured during a failed assignment, thanks to a mole in their team, he’s in the hands of the enemy and she can’t trust anyone but herself to go in and get him out. Will she be too late? Can she flush out the mole and safely rescue the man who holds her heart?


This is bad.

Lt. Fallon Carter stood at attention with her three remaining team members when Colonel Hampton entered the briefing room. Her heart rocked into her ribs at his serious expression. Something was terribly wrong.

“At ease. Take a seat.” The air crackled with tension while her squad waited for the brass to explain their visit. “As of 0800, Recon Team has failed to complete their mission.”


Her ability to move or breathe ceased as the news registered in her rapidly numbing brain. Only death would stop him from completing a mission.

“Lieutenant Eric Saunders was wounded. He’s being treated and debriefed as we speak.” The Colonel paused and looked around the room.

Breath still held, she waited for him to continue. For the first time in her life, she was scared.

“Commander Kade Taggart was captured.”


She clamped her jaw to keep from crying out. No one must know of the personal hell the Colonel’s words caused. Calm on the outside, her mind raced into action. Thankful to hear the man she loved was alive, she knew something was off. Captain Kade Taggart was too smart to let that happen. He analyzed his missions carefully, allowing for every possible scenario. This didn’t make sense.

Her eyes scanned the others in the room. McGee, Sawyer, Lucy. Instinct told her this was the work of a traitor. But who? For the past year she’d trusted all of them with her life. Looking from face to face, no one appeared guilty. Her gut didn’t agree. She sighed inwardly. All signs logically pointed to Eric, but he lay in quarantine, and she had no hope of speaking to him.
The room remained silent as the debriefing continued, and it wasn’t until it was over that someone spoke up.

“Colonel Hampton, Sir.” McGee stood, gaining the departing man’s attention. “What’s being done about the commander? Will there be a rescue mission?”

Her pulse quickened. She watched the colonel intently. She’d be the first to volunteer.

“The State Department’s aware of the circumstances. Until we get word from them, they’ll be no rescue.”


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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Negative Image
By Donna Michaels
Available now at The Wild Rose Press

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13 pages--Sensual


Photographer Lisa Clarke thought working the Senator’s Inaugural Ball would be just another job. But when she inadvertently photographs a serial killer with his next victim, her easy assignment turns into a life or death situation. When the killer targets Lisa, she’s put into police protection and faces danger of another kind. Sexy Detective Dean Jennings.

Lisa and Dean give into their fiery attraction, but their interlude is cut short by the killer. With their wits as their only weapon, will they be able to outsmart a killer bent on revenge? Or will their passion-filled night cost them their lives?


“Okay. You can look now.” Bringing them to a halt, he removed his hand from her eyes and she gasped.

Washed in a romantic glow, the cozy living room sported an assortment of candles and dinner for two. She turned to him. “How did you…when did you?”

Mischief sparkled in his green eyes. “When you were taking your shower.”

“Oh, that explains it.” Swaying into him, she slid her hands over the shadowed ridges of his chest and playfully pouted. “I was wondering why you didn’t join me.”

He growled and crushed her close. Mouth parted, she eagerly awaiting his searing kiss.

It never came.

His hungry expression turned to alarm. Stiffening, he released her and scanned the room.

Fear quickened her pulse. Throat dry, she touched his elbow. “Dean, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“Something’s…off. I need to get you out of here. Now!”

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Donna Michaels