Tuesday, June 15, 2010

THE SPY WHO FANGED ME Released today!

Hello everyone! I'm pleased to announce the release of my romantic comedy paranormal---

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The Spy Who Fanged Me

By Donna Michaels

Romantic Comedy Paranormal

214 Pages—Hot

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Whimsical Publications

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What’s the world to do when gold starts disappearing and the agents assigned to the case are turned into life-size lawn ornaments?

Send in Double O Fang Agent Pierce De Vein, and Shifter Intelligence Agent (SIA) Kitty Katt to investigate. Unhappy with their forced alliance, each loner must learn to work with a partner and stop trying to outdo one another long enough to solve the case. When the evidence points to an evil gnome and his army of rogue leprechauns, the agents infiltrate the organization in the forms of a bat and a cat.

Will their plan work, or will they end up sleeping with the daisies as a pair of garden decorations?



“You and your partner are to start by reviewing all the security fo—”

“Whoa. Wait a minute. Back the fourteen karat cart up, Sir.” Pierce leaned forward, mouth opened with something between a frown and a smile claiming his lips. “I think you’ve mistaken me with one of the other agents. I don’t have a partner. I work alone.”

Well aware of the fact, and that none of Pierce’s partner problems had been his fault, Methos ignored the young operative’s interruption and continued. “All three branches of P.L.A.S.M.A, Vampire, Shifter and Witch, are in agreement. This is very serious. If the gold is not returned to the Federal Reserve soon, we’ll have a worldwide economic disaster. So far, they’ve kept it under wraps, but it’s only a matter of time before the news gets out. And you know the type of panic it can cause.”

“Yes, Sir, but—”

“No buts.” Methos leaned forward and stared hard at the vampire. “Due to the severity of the situation, and the unknown supernatural cause to those agents’ afflictions, we’ve agreed to send in two of our top agents, with several more standing by if needed.”

Pierce slipped the file into a soft, leather case, then sat back. “I can handle this mission on my own.”

Of that, Methos had no doubt. But he wouldn’t be given the chance.

One of four remaining Ancients, Methos had the ability to track and assess every single Vampire. He’d hand picked his agents, and if he hadn’t deemed Pierce worthy, they wouldn’t be having this conversation. DeVein brought to the table an unusual intellect and wit, and had the uncanny ability to talk just about anybody or anything into doing his bidding. Charm was the boy’s deadliest weapon, but charm alone would not solve this case.

That’s where the shifter came in. Methos had had his eye on her for some time now. Although he couldn’t track her, he could read the woman and had observed her work closely over the past year. She was cunning, swift and strong, but just a little too impulsive. His hope, and the shared hope of her boss, was for this pairing to teach her the merits of Pierce’s slower, more thoughtful approach and for Pierce, in turn, to experience the advantage of having a strong partner he could trust.

Methos sat back and stared at his agent through narrowed eyes. “Need I remind you who’s running things around here, DeVein?”

“No, Sir.” The young vampire wisely dropped his gaze. “Of course not.”

Methos continued with a wave of his hand. “I know you’ve had trouble in the past, but maybe you just haven’t found the right…partner.”

Pierce stiffened, his narrowed gaze lifting bright with alarm. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

A knock on the door saved Methos from answering. Far better for the agent to see rather than hear. “Come in,” he called to the door. This was sure to be memorable. Methos rose to his feet, more than a little curious to see DeVein’s reaction. “Meet your new partner.”

His agent didn’t bother to get up. He just sat there with a disgusted look on his face and gazed at the opening door. A wave of air rolled in, carrying a mixture of three scents. Confidence, curiosity and—cat.

DeVein didn’t utter a word, but his white-knuckled grip on the chair spoke volumes to Methos. The boy recognized the scent.

“Is this a private party or can anybody join?” Clothed in black leather, the beautiful shifter trotted in, long black hair swaying past her waist while her green eyes sparkled with pride above an ear to ear grin.

“Oh, hell no,” Pierce blurted before he vaulted to his feet and glared.

The cat’s full presence appeared to light a fire under his agent. Interesting. Most uncharacteristic of him. Methos could understand the reaction, though. She was potent. The combination of exquisite beauty, coupled with her effervescence, made the shifter intoxicating. A trait he’d watched her use to her advantage on many missions. One which helped shape the shifter into an excellent agent. Now, if she could just quell her impulsiveness.

“No way,” Pierce repeated, thrusting a finger at his new partner. “I’m not working with that animal!”


Formerly released as the novella Dr. Gnome through Forbidden Publications, TSWFM is now a full novel through a new publisher, has over 40,000 new words, several funny new scenes and a brand new ending. I hope you have as much fun with this novel as I did.

Thanks for reading,


Donna Michaels

Author of Romaginative Fiction


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