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Cover reveal Book 4 HER FOREVER COWBOY Harland County Series/Kevin

Here it is!
The cover for the 4th book in my Amazon Best Selling Harland County Series/ Kevin's  book:

Releasing late April/early May!
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Welcome Julie Ramsey The Wild Bone: The White Alpha of Monroe

Hi everyone,  
I'd like you to welcome Julie Ramsey to my blog, but not as a reviewer or blogger, which she is, but from the other side of the fence--as an author!
Julie is here promoting her first release. So, let's show her some support. ☺

~ ~ ♥ ~ ~
Hello my fellow readers, reviewers and authors. My name is Julie Ramsey. My 1st Novella was just released on feb 13th 2014. The Wild Bone: The White Alpha of Monroe is something I had always wanted to do. I have been a reviewer for years and run a successful review site called Julies Book Review  As a reviewer I love books of almost every genre. My soft spot has always been paranormal romance.
Some of the authors that have influenced me over the years, Christine Feehan, JR Ward, Suzanne Wright, Carrie Ann Ryan, and Katie MacAlister just to name a few. I am currently back in school working toward my BA. It was in a creative writing class that Sally and the Monroe pack came to me. I couldn't use the piece for class but I set it aside and came back to it. The paper then became The Wild Bone: The White Alpha of Monroe.  I have had lots of good reviews so far and I am excited about the possibilities this book brings.
For the future I am working on book 2. I am hoping to have it out with in the next couple of months. Also I have 2 kids books that should be out this year as well under the name J.J. Ramsey. So please let people know about The Wild Bone: The White Alpha of Monroe. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Julie Ramsey


It is on sale at Amazon for .99 cents

When Sally's mother dies, she is left with no family. Her two best friends Hector and Cathy decide to take her out to the new bar in town, The Wild Bone, to get her out of the house. The night doesn't turn out how they imagine. Sally's mother kept a secret that is about to come to light. The secret holds the trio's future. 2 men both werewolves are about to change Sally's life forever. One will be her future and bring out what has been hidden from her. One wants to steal her future to gain the power of the Monroe pack. Will Sally and her friends survive the turmoil to come? 

       The night was so peaceful. The breeze was cool on my skin. I sat on the little porch and sipped my tea. I had sweats and a sleeveless t-shirt on, relaxing, looking into the stars. I almost missed the shadow by my neighbor’s house.  I kept a bat by me just in case, when I was outside for protection. I am inexperienced in relationships, but I knew how to defend myself. So I set my tea down and pick up my bat, and snuck around the house. I was going to find out who was watching me. Bat up high, I peak around the corner. I don’t see anyone. Oh, I know I saw a shadow. My bat is still held high as I walk around to the front. That is when someone taps me on the shoulder. “OH MY GOSH”I scream, and I swing the bat. I hit somebody. No way was it a person. Whatever I hit, it went down like a ton of bricks and my arms were reverberating. It felt like I hit a steel pole. I look at the ground and sure as heck, it is the tattooed man. You…..What the heck are you doing sneaking around here, I could have killed you.
 He groaned, “I doubt that, but I am going to have a heck of a headache. You know that is twice now you have hit me.” He was on the ground and smiling up at me.  


 ~ ~ ♥ ~ ~

Don't forget The Wild Bone: The White Alpha of Monroe is available at Amazon for only .99¢

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Her Uniform Cowboy ~ @Donna_Michaels #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek37 #Saturday7

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop!


Hello, I'm back for week #37! Welcome to My Sexy Saturday where authors post 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or WIP.

The theme this week is kissing!And, well, I just happen to have some of that in my books. :-) We love to read and write all sorts of kisses in our stories. The sweet, soft tender, sometimes, barely there ones. Long, slow, deep kisses when our characters are taking their time, and loving strong. And, of course, there are those heated, hungry, passionate, kisses when the hero and heroine can't get enough of each other. No matter the type, those embraces are all part of our Happily-Ever-Afters.

Book Three in my Harland County Series has a Texas National Guardsman determined to show the northern transplant with thyroid issues just how much he enjoys her curves!

Here's 7 sexy paragraphs of from: 

Her Uniform Cowboy

Kade was recently voted BEST COWBOY in a Book/Reader's Choice-LRC
Available in eBook and Print at Amazon

Here's my 7 paragraphs of a sexy kiss between Kade and Brandi:  

“But, honey, let me assure you, we will be ‘having it’ more than once today.”
“W-we will?”
“Hell yeah,” he said and, unable to resist, he leaned in to spread kisses against her collarbone. “Starting right now.”
“H-here? B-but someone will see…” She clutched his shirt and moaned.
He continued to kiss her neck, nipping at the soft spot behind her ear. “No one comes into this barn but me and Brock. He’s at his grandmother’s with Jen and Cody this weekend.”
She trembled against him, her hands under his shirt now, stroking his back. He loved the feel of her flesh against his, and longed to get them both naked. But not yet. Not here. He somehow didn’t think she was comfortable enough with her body to expose it in a semi-public place…in the daylight.
But he would make damn sure she’d remember the barn.
Placing kisses on her jaw, he made his way back to her mouth and upped the heat of their embrace. She sighed into him, and the touch of her tongue kicked his pulse clear out of Harland County.  Damn, the woman was potent. He groaned and dragged her body close, exploring her mouth, plunging deep and long, enjoying her equally thorough response.
She was hot and soft and shaking in his arms, and heaven help him, he needed more. Backing them up to a stack of hay bales in an empty stall, he continued to kiss and caress the trembling woman until air became a necessity.
He drew back and stared down at the panting woman. “I need to touch you, Brandi.”
Brown eyes, hazed with desire, blinked at him. “I—I don’t know about here.” She bit her lower lip and glanced around.
He gently grabbed her chin and turned her to face him. “It’s okay. You don’t have to get naked if you don’t want.”
“I’d rather not…but how…”
        He smiled and pulled her close. “Much better to show than tell.”
~ ~ ♥ ~ ~ 
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The Winners are...


Here are the Winners to the HONKY TONK HEARTS VALENTINE'S DAY HOP:

From our wonderful hostess Mackenzie Crowne:

"Drum roll please! Many thanks to all of you who visited the various stops on our Honky Tonk Hearts Valentine Hop. I speak for all the authors who wish you all could be winners, but alas, that's not the case. So, without further ado, here are our grand prize winners.

Gus' door prize of a TWRP Mug goes to...Calisa Rhose for her comment on Jannine Gallant's post.

The $25 publisher's prize TWRP gift card goes to...bn100 for her comment on Sylvie Kaye's post.

And the $50 authors' prize TWRP gift card goes to...Debby(236) for her comment on Donna Michaels' post.

Congratulations ladies!"

 And now, the randomly drawn name from my commenters to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card is...


Congratulations, Darcy! Please email me at so I can get that gift card out to you today!

A BIG thank you to all who stopped by and participated in our hop!! Thank you for making it a fun success! Enjoy your Sunday.

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Honky Tonk Hearts Valentine's Hop

Ladies, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking old Gus, owner of The Lonesome Steer honky tonk couldn’t have brought together all the lonely, broken hearts that he did. But I’m here to tell you I have. Not only do I have the pictures of these couples in my office to prove it, but there’s been a whole series of romances written about the men and women who found love at The Lonesome Steer. And just like every one of my couples, each of these romances is a keeper.
The authors of these books have put together a Valentine Honky Tonk Blog Hop, an easy way for you to get a sneak peak at every story. And there are prizes to put a bounce in your Texan Two-Step. To be Eligible, visit each blog link below and leave a comment. The more hop stops you visit and comment on, the more chances YOU have to win a $50 gift card to The Wild Rose Press. In addition, the publisher has provided a second grand prize of a $25 gift card to The Wild Rose Press and a TWRP Mug for a random commenter (Sorry, US visitors only for the mug prize). Some of the ladies will also be giving away their own personal prizes. So whatcha waitin’ for? Happy hoppin’!  
 ~~ ~~   ~~ ~~   ~~ ~~   ~~ ~~
Thanks for the great intro, Gus! I'm psyched to be part of this blog hop with so many wonderful authors, and I'm looking forward to 'hopping' right along with you! I'm giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card at the end of the hop to one randomly drawn commenter below. Check back here on Sunday to see if your name was drawn! Remember, the more comments you leave on this hop, the better your chances to win, not just over all, but at each hop stop!
The Lonesome Steer is a special place, after all, two of my heroes found love in that very honky tonk. The first one, former Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Finn Brennan traveled to Texas to pick up a package from his twin brother Brett, a deployed Marine. He never expected...well, I should probably let him tell it...

Tell it? Yeah, I can tell it, because I lived it! Ever since we were kids my brother loved to play practical jokes. This time he'd gone to far. This time he'd forced me to travel a few hours--precious hours I could've used to run our co-owned Colorado dude ranch--but no. I had to drop everything to drive down to the Texas honky tonk to pick up a package.  When the package turned out to be the most beautiful, sexy, bombshell of a woman I'd ever seen, I knew I was toast. Burnt toast. Knife scrapping burnt toast. But I didn't go quietly. Hell no. I went like an idiot. Thank goodness Cammie is a former Marine. She didn't put up with my crap. Instead, she gave as good as she all things. *wink*wink* The woman saw past my scars and gruff attitude, and stole my heart. Yeah, I bless the day I walked into the Lonesome Steer to pick up, not a package, but my world. Gus and his honky tonk changed my life. For the better, and I hope it'll change my brother's, too. *chuckles* Payback's a bitch and she has Brett in her sites!
Ranked #19 at Predators & Editors for Best Romance of 2013!
Available in eBook and Print 
Here is how Gus and the Lonesome Steer set the stage for Finn and Cammie: 
The crack of the queue ball breaking the rack echoed through the building as two cowboys played pool to his right. An elderly couple occupied one of the round tables, two bowls of soup and two coffees—the husband liked crackers, the wife didn’t. A lone cowboy sat at one end of the bar that ran the length of the back wall, while at the other end, a pretty, middle-aged woman with silver-streaked, auburn hair was the recipient of owner/bartender Gus Rankin’s fond expression. A smile tugged at Finn’s lips for it was the first time he’d seen the owner interested in more than business.
The lone cowboy turned to check out the newcomers before exchanging a glance with Gus and the woman, a smile cracking his weathered face as he sipped his coffee.
What’s that all about?
“Ah, Finn, Terry, did you have a good trip?”
Gus’s gaze was friendly yet watchful while he wiped the counter with practiced ease.
“Yes, but I’d love a cup of your coffee,” the foreman replied as they continued toward the bar.
“Comin’ right up. How ‘bout you, Finn?” Gus filled a mug and pushed the steaming brew in front of Terry who was lowering himself onto a stool.
Damn it. He didn’t want to linger.
“No thanks, Gus.” He waved the bartender off. “I just want to get my package and get back on the road.”
A snicker sounded off to his right. Finn narrowed his gaze on the older cowboy.
What’s so damn funny?
At that moment he realized he no longer heard the cracking of pool balls. Finn turned to find the two cowboys leaning on their sticks, grinning at him like a couple of sailors on leave.
Something was definitely up. He glanced around again, retaking inventory of his surroundings. Had he missed something?
“Your…ah…package is in the back. I’ll tell my nephew you’re here,” Gus informed.
The man’s handle-bar mustache twitched as if he’d swallowed a secret dying to get out. Alarm instantly erased Finn’s doubt. He set his shoulders and watched the owner closely. Trouble was on the way.
Gus leaned into the kitchen pass-through. “Win, Finn’s here for his….ah…package.”
When the owner turned around there was more than the usual twinkle lighting his eyes.
“I’ll tell ya, my brother never sent me anything like this,” the cowboy informed from the end of the bar.
Another round of snickers echoed through the room. Just what the hell had Brett sent? Couldn’t be a camel; Gus would never keep an animal in the kitchen.
His gaze snapped to his foreman. Did Terry know? The older man sat there, mug half raised, frowning at Gus. No, he was the only one not smiling. In fact, he looked as confused as Finn felt.
“You’re one lucky man,” one of the pool players called out.
“Damn straight,” the other agreed.
“Too bad my daughter wasn’t here.” Gus winked at the woman he’d been talking to earlier.
She nodded and returned his smile. “Yes, Keira would’ve loved to see this.”
“Oh, it’s just like Christmas!” Even the elderly couple was getting in on the action.
Finn turned to find them smiling, delight sparkling in their gazes, easing the lines in their happy faces.
“We can’t wait to see what it is!”
The hinges on the kitchen door creaked behind him, and a second later Terry’s mug hit the bar, sending half his coffee over the edge.
About to ask what was wrong, the words died in Finn’s throat. His foreman’s expression changed from shock to amusement to worry as their gazes met.
Finn stiffened. He knew instinctively he was not going to like whatever Win brought out from the kitchen, and knowing his prankster brother, it could be anything. Silently cursing his twin, he slowly turned around.
His brother had gone too far this time. He blinked, unable to stop his jaw from dropping. Win hadn’t brought anything out. The present walked out on its own.
Standing not ten feet from him was a tall, curvy brunette with a big red bow stuck to her right shoulder. A long braid trailed down the left side of her ample chest and delicate features graced a face worthy of magazine covers. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen...and the very last thing he wanted. Or needed.
The “package” sauntered closer, and his pulse responded with pinpoint accuracy to each individual sway of her rounded hips. She was model-beautiful, but not exactly model-thin. He noted a full bust, teasing him with a luscious line of cleavage as his gaze followed her white tank top to where it disappeared into a pair of skinny, tan cargo pants lovingly hugging a set of magnificent legs. Damn, the woman was hot.
“Happy birthday, Finn.”
His gut rippled as if punched. Of course she’d have a sexy voice to match. Too bad. He straightened his shoulders and told himself he wasn’t interested. He preferred to get his own dates. He didn’t need his brother’s charity.
“There must be some mistake, sweetheart.” He shook his head. “My birthday is two months from now.”
“No mistake, sweetheart.”
The woman had the audacity to grin.
“Yeah, happy birthday, bro.”
It wasn’t until he heard his brother’s voice that Finn realized the woman was holding up a satellite phone. So much for always being aware of his environment. He’d been away from active duty too long; he was slipping.
 ~~ ~~   ~~ ~~   ~~ ~~   ~~ ~~
Well, there you have it. How Finn met Cammie at the Lonesome Steer. Yes, the fun had just begun. And it continues as I write the sequel to Cowboy-Sexy called COWBOY PAYPACK. Brett deserves a few rough moments and I'm enjoying the torture. :-) If you'd like to stay informed of the release date and my other books, then feel free to head to my website to join my newsletter:
Don't forget to leave a comment below to be eligible to win my $10 Amazon Gift Card. I'll  randomly draw one name and post it here on Sunday, so please check back! Good luck! I'm from the northeast, so yeah, I'm being snowed in as we speak! But that's okay, I have a bunch of cowboys  from this hop to keep me warm! Hope they warm you up as well. :-)  Here are the rest of the links. Get hoppin'!

Honky Tonk Man by Sylvie Kay                               
Those Violet Eyes by Vonnie Davis                           
Lonesome Cowboy by Stacy Dawn                          
The Morning After by Brenda Whiteside                  
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Captive Hero ~ @Donna_Michaels #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek35 #Saturday7

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop!


Another week has gone by, so it's time to say Hello to week #35! Welcome to My Sexy Saturday where authors post 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or WIP.
This week we’re talking about those characters that just have to be with each other. They'll do what they have to, overcome what they must in order to have their Happily-Ever-After. Very romantic. And what is more romantic than a love that transcends time?

Book One in my Timeshift Heroes Series has just such a couple. Samantha hails from present day, but while test flying a plane she travels back to WWII and inadvertently saves a Marine Blacksheep. Desperate to preserve the timeline, she does the only thing acceptable. Abducts the handsome pilot and brings him back to the present. Of course, Mitch thinks she's a German spy. That's when the fun begins!

Here's 7 sexy paragraphs of from: 

Captive Hero

Available in eBook and Print at Amazon

This beautiful Captive Hero Cover is entered in the 'Almost Kiss' Contest.
If you have a second, I'd sure appreciate the vote!
Click Here to open a new window to vote. Thank you!


Here's my 7 paragraphs of sexy from Mitch and Samantha: 

Mitch was grateful to Ed and Todd for allowing him to fly the past few weeks, even piloting a few incredible aircrafts. But none could compare to the ultimate euphoria he felt at the moment. He knew, without a shadow of a doubt, he had been born to fly a Corsair. The seating, the controls, the movement all felt right. Sheer joy pulled a smile from his lips.  He blazed a trail across the sky, blue giving away to orange as the sun began to set. The flight took away his cares. He was completely unburdened. Unhindered.
He glanced at the incredible woman in his lap, a sexy tilt to her sweet lips. He was born to be with this woman, too. Only…Try as he might, he couldn’t ignore the feeling something was off.
Like the century.
But, that was crazy. He was here. She was here. They were together as they should be. And in a Corsair. Who would’ve thought?
“Having fun?” she asked, leaning in. She was so close. All he had to do was shift sideways a few inches and he could claim her mouth, worship her taste…but he didn’t.
He tipped the plane instead.
She laughed, warm curves pressed against his side, breasts brushing his arm. He turned his face to meet her lips, stealing a kiss that continued even when he righted the plane. He could feel the heart beating wildly in her chest; taste the desire heating her kiss. The woman was intoxicating. She sucked the cells from his brain, and right now, unfortunately, he needed them to focus on flying.
Once they landed, though, all bets where off.
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Cowboy-Sexy ~ @Donna_Michaels #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek34 #Saturday7

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop!

Hello, February! Can you believe we're into the second month of 2014 already? Let's hope it starts to warm up!!

It's week #34! Welcome to My Sexy Saturday where authors post 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a published book or WIP.
This week we’re talking about those broken heroes and heroines who think they have nothing left to give to another person. They’ve stopped looking for their soul mates or don’t believe they even have one. As an author, we love to prove them wrong, and as a reader, we love to see them find their happily-ever-after!

My installment in the Honky Tonk Hearts Series with The Wild Rose Press has such a hero. Former Navy SEAL, Finn Brennan is a bitter man whose busted leg cost him his military career and fiancĂ©. I had a lot of fun shaking up his world by dropping a former female Marine on his dude ranch. He hates Marines. It was a Marine that caused his injury. Yeah, sparks fly. lol They are both headstrong, hurting, and very attracted to each other. Fun stuff.

Here's 7 sexy paragraphs of from: 


Available in eBook and Print at Amazon
"So, you're just doing this out of the goodness of your heart."
Amusement slowly vanished in her narrowing eyes. “Excuse me?”
“There’s more to it.” He walked to where she stood by the bench, their gazes locked. “I’ll ask you again, Ms. Walker. Why are you here?”
Irritation skittered through her brown eyes. She blew out a breath and folded her arms across her chest. He tried not to notice the increased cleavage, but the pleasant valley silently beckoned.
Damn woman was loaded with weapons, and for an instant, he longed to see the whole arsenal. He shook his head and tuned back in to her voice.
“We’ve been through all this, cowboy. You’re trying to kill a dead horse.”
He cocked his head. “We’re not talking about a horse. We’re talking about you, and why you’re here. There’s something you’re not telling me, and I want to know what it is.”
“Fine.” Her arms dropped to swing at her sides. “Your brother was there for me during some tough times. I’m returning the favor.”
That told him exactly nothing. He wanted details. So help him, if this woman was dishonorably discharged. His heart dropped. “What tough times?”
“None of your business.” She turned to walk away.
He grabbed her arm and twisted her back around. “Wrong. It is my business. You’re under my roof, on my land, in proximity to my mother. I want to know what happened, and I want to know now.”
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