Thursday, October 25, 2007

MAYHEM MINIS Released Today!!!

Forbidden Publications released my Anthology today!!! Mayhem Minis is a collection of three Short Romantic Tales of three different sub genres; One Comedy, One Contemp & One Adventure.

Below is the purchase info, blurbs and a quick excerpt to each story. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Mayhem Minis
by Donna Michaels
26 Pages
Available at Forbidden Publications


Hunk Slave – Blurb

What’s Christine Conrad to do when her best friend drags her to a charity bachelor auction? Fall for a hunk-slave, of course.

Soul Survivor – Blurb

After investing nearly a decade in tracking down, and delivering justice to her parents’ killer, FBI Agent Leah Wilson must face a scary thought: What is she supposed to do now? Her former superior, Jason Hathaway, shows up at her parents’ grave to offer support…and an answer.

Neptune’s Gift – Blurb

Deciphering Neptune’s scroll brings archeologist Dr. Laurel Adams face to face with the deity and a whole tomb-load of danger. Locked inside with carnivorous creatures, it’s up to her fiancĂ© Carter Jackson, the expedition leader, to guide her and her team to safety. But will they all survive?


Hunk Slave – Excerpt

“I can’t believe I let you drag me here. I must’ve been crazy.” Christine Conrad shook her head, bouncing a brown curl into her face as she maneuvered through the crowded hotel lobby.

Dressed to impress, women of all ages, shapes and sizes littered the establishment, eager for the charity auction to begin. The event’s big, glossy poster caught her eye. Help a Child. Buy a Hunk.

“I don’t know what’s crazier—me not having a date in weeks, or you sitting at home reading Macbeth to your cats.” Scowling, her friend Taylor Grant pushed through the crowd.

“It’s not my fault they hate Hamlet.”

Her friend glanced sideways at her. “Why do I bother?”

“Exactly. If I leave now, I can finish reading Act II to them tonight.” She eyed the exit and cursed herself for allowing her friend to talk her into wearing a pair of black, do-me heels. She’d probably break both her ankles before she reached the door.

As if sensing her need to flee, Taylor grabbed her hand. “Oh no you don’t. You’re here to help me buy a hunk-slave.”

She reeled back. “Hunk-slave?”

Her redheaded friend grinned. “Yep. I’m here to get me a good-looking man to do what I wish.”

“Boy, do I feel sorry for the guy you win.”

“Don’t be. I can promise you he’ll be smiling by the time the date is over.” Devilment gleamed from her friend’s gaze. “You know, Chrissie, since you’re here, you might as well have some fun too. Why don’t you bid?”

She snorted. My friend has lost her mind! “Me? Own a hunk-slave? Ah, no thanks. I like my dates willing.”

Soul Survivor — Excerpt

“It’s over, Mom and Dad.” Fragile lilac branches quivered under the pressure of Leah Wilson’s grip and bit into the soft flesh of her palm. The fragrant blossoms became a purple blur as she knelt in the soft grass, still wet with morning dew. “I did it. He’s behind bars where he belongs.”

Half elated, half devastated, she placed the flowers on the graves and allowed tears to fall freely for the first time in years. Lovingly tracing their names, her fingers slid into the groves of the cold, granite surface.

Judge William Connolly and Beloved Wife Katherine Connolly.

She shivered. A name was missing. Hers.

Why? Why couldn’t I have been murdered, too?

Shoulders trembling, she gazed unseeing at the green strands of earth protruding from her grip. “I should’ve been with you when the car exploded, not away on some high school field trip.” Fist shaking, she ripped out a clump of grass.

Why have I been left to survive on my own?

Neptune’s Gift – Excerpt

“Hudson, Phillips, come with me. Everyone else wait here with Laurel and the professor.”

As he stepped into the chamber and possible danger, her heartbeat quickened. None of her discoveries mattered without him.

“Are you seeing this?” the professor whispered.

Oblivious, the room and all its possessions took second fiddle as her eyes remained on her walking treasure. Heart pounding, senses on alert, she willed things to go smooth.

Carter inched around the room, lighting wall torches while checking for booby traps and unseen perils. Finally, in what seemed like hours, he returned.

“Okay. It’s safe.

Professor Weston’s whoop of joy drowned out her sigh of relief. With the danger dispelled, excitement replaced worry, and eager to devour the history teeming before her, she stepped inside and gasped.

Friday, October 5, 2007


The Magnificent Seven

What can I say? I enjoyed it.

The events were believable, the new and old characters worked well, and although I wasn't used to seeing a happy Dean, I understand why he would act that way.

I had my usual laughs; Dean's remark about the movie "Seven" had me snorting, despite how off-color it was...hehe And I especially loved how Sam wanted Dean's knife so he could gauge his eyes out after having walked in on Dean with the twins. ROFL

Once again, the special effects were top knotch! The dehydrated family on the couch was very impressive. Kuddos to their FX team!

WoohhOOOooo to Ruby! I am very pleased with how they've written in her character so far. Love her special blade! I can't wait to learn more about her and where she came upon that weapon. Too cool!

And Sam wanting to goto Louisianna to meet up with someone who might be able to help Dean with his curse was right on. Dean confessing the contingency to his curse--Sam will die if Dean tries to break it--made this viewer very happy. Great job, Eric.

I was relieved to see they're keeping them all in character. I get so worried they may slip. Although, I sure hope Dean snaps out of his happy soon, and gets back to his edge. I love him edgy.

How about you? What are your thoughts? Did you like the episode? If so, why? If not, why? I'd love to know.

K...I read on one of the Supernatural sites about next week's episode. I will NOT miss that one. I'm already chomping at the bit!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading.

Donna Michaels

Thursday, October 4, 2007

SUPERNATURAL SEASON 3 Starts Tonight-What Are Your Thoughts?

It’s here! It’s finally here! Season 3 of the hit CW Series, Supernatural.

Two years ago, I was working part time cleaning a private school in the evenings and I can remember coming home, tired and sore, needing time to unwind when I stumbled across a gem of show on it’s original timeslot, Tuesday nights. It was new, about two brothers, looking for their dad, as well as the demon that killed their mother and tried to take the younger brother when he was only 6 months old.

Okay, I was intrigued. I love the paranormal, so I watched the pilot.

Holy Impalas! What a show. There was no fluff; no stereo-typical scares or costumes; no mediocre acting. This show had possibilities.

Let’s start with the acting.

Jensen Ackles, who portrays the older brother, Dean Winchester—NAILED that character. He plays the rough-around-the-edges brother, forced to hunt the supernatural and take care of his brother at a young age. He’s strong, kick-ass, uncouth, sarcastic, witty, sexy, shows a touch of vulnerability here and there, and the attitude? Wow. There’s almost no gray areas with Dean. It’s black and white. “If it’s supernatural, we kill it.” Of course, just as there is in real life, Dean discovers there are always gray areas, like in ‘Bloodlust,’ one of the vampire episodes. Jensen embraces this character and makes him so believable I sometimes forget Dean is not real. Jensen is that good.

Jared Padelcki, who portrays the younger brother, Sam Winchester, is perfect for the role. He plays the Stanford drop-out who’s girlfriend was murdered by the same demon that killed his mother and tried to take him as a child. He’s strong, yet vulnerable, compassionate, smart, tall-at 6’4”, more up-to-date with the times, and scared he’ll turn evil because the demon has plans for him. Jared has a playground of emotions to work with here, and he works them well.

As you can tell, I love Sam and Dean, I love the music, the incredible car but the real reason I continued to tune in to the CW on Thursday nights at 9PM, is because of Eric Kripke and his crack writing team! As an author, I find it hard to watch a show without dissecting it, wanting to change things, make comments like: “They should’ve done this…or that’s not possible…not real.” I’ve NEVER ever said that after a single episode of Supernatural. THAT makes the show a clear winner in my book.

Do I own Season One and Two boxed sets? You bet! I’m lucky enough to have a birthday in October, so for two years now, I’ve purchased the DVD sets and TOLD my husband and kids they’re giving me that for my present. LOL. Works well. Two of my four children are faithful watcher of the show, anyway. As a matter of fact, one of my twins is dressing up as Sam Winchester for Halloween and his friend, Will is dressing up as Dean. Should be interesting.

Episodes. What are your favorites?

I have many but if I must narrow it down, then in Season One, I have three: “Faith”-What happens when you stop someone from dying who’s meant to die? An innocent takes your place. Brilliant! “Home”-The boys come face to face with their dead mother. Sniff. Yes, I cried. And “Hellhouse”-By far the funniest dang episode to date. My kids and I still go around saying… “Who ya gonna call?” Man, too funny. I hope those amateur ghost hunters show up on another episode.

In Season Two, all the episodes rocked, but if I must narrow it down, then I have two: “What Is, And What Should Never Be”- Dean encounters a Djinn and has the chance to live out his days as if the demon never happened. Thought-provoking episode. Oh, yeah. I cried. That was such a tough choice. I’ve no idea what I would’ve done in Dean’s shoes. And “Heart” –The boys encounter another ‘gray area’ when they try to cure an innocent girl who was bitten by a werewolf. Powerful episode.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the start of Season Three tonight. I sure hope Eric and his team can keep up the tight writing! They’re adding two female characters this season: Ruby—a very capable hunter who will be introduced on tonight’s premiere episode. And Bella, who hunts, but I think is ruled by a ‘higher’ power…and is searching for something. She debuts in two weeks, I believe. Those characters will have reoccurring roles and they sound interesting enough for me to give them a chance.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to know what you think. Which episode was your favorite and why? Who’s your favorite character? Please leave a comment and don’t forget to spread the word about the wonderful world of Winchester!

If you’re interested in keeping Supernatural alive and making sure it doesn’t die like “Dresdin Files”, then check out these links and see what you can do to spread the word:

Be sure to drop by tomorrow when I'll share my thoughts on tonight's 9PM Season 3 Premiere and you can share yours.