Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Endings Giveaway Hop!

Happy endings romance giveaway hop


Tell your happy ending story!

The Happy Endings Giveaway Hop was organized by Reading Romances!
Hello and welcome to the Happy Endings giveaway hop! This is my first time hosting a Giveaway Hop and I look forward to having fun.

My Happy Ending:

I was lucky. Back in *cough* the early 80's, I met my future husband in high school. Michael was a year older but we were both in the same computer class together. He was a good friend, nothing more. As a matter of fact, he was dating the sister of another friend of ours. It wasn't until he'd graduated and went off to basic training that we actually got together. Our teacher had the class write to Michael as an assignment while he was at Fort Benning, GA. I was the only one he wrote back to, asking for my senior photo and my phone number. Imagine  my surprise. Since he was the epidome of my heroes, strong, handsome and funny, I wrote back and included my photo and phone number. We went on our first date the very day he got back, and we've been together ever since.
Michael is still in the National Guard. He's full time now, and this May we'll be married 27 years. It doesn't feel nearly that long. We may not look the same as we did in high school, but we sure do feel the same about each other.  Right now, his unit was activated to pull inaguration duty down in D.C. I still miss him when he goes away, but those homecomings are stuff to write about!
Oh, wait...hehe...I do!


My Contest is international:

For me, happy endings are a must when I read or write. I love the content feeling that follows when I close the book. If the characters are happy and satisfied, then so am I. How about you? What do you like about Happy Endings?
 Leave a comment and I'll draw 2 random names to win their choice of either of my latest releases:
Prize 1:  US and INT - PDF of CAPTIVE HERO (Time-shift Heroes Series-Book One)
Prize 2: US and INT - PDF of COWBOY-SEXY
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Booklover Sue said...

Cowboy Sexy looks so very . . . HOT!

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, Susan!

Finn, a former Navy SEAL turned cowboy is exactly that...hot!

laurie said...

thanks for the wonderful giveaway! i haven't read any of your works and would love to win one of your books.

and yes i DO love HEA


Donna Michaels said...

Hi, Laurie. It's always great to meet new readers. Best of luck in the giveaway!

miki said...

I'm happy to discover you thanks to this blog hop^^

i love HEA because it makes me hope

all the best


Donna Michaels said...

I'm glad you did too, Miki!
Good luck!

Unknown said...

That "warm & fuzzy" feeling you get when you finish a really good book w as HEA!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
BTW, What a cover for Cowboy Sexy!!!!Yummy!

Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, Kerry.
I love that warm & fuzzy feeling, too. Yes, that is some good cowboy cover!

bn100 said...

I like that people that are meant to be together end up together.


Ellen Thompson said...

That's a great HEA story! Thanks for the great giveaway. The cover of Cowboy Sexy is awesome! I would love to read it.

thompsonem3 at aol dot com

Ellen Thompson said...

That is a great HEA story! I love it when the HEA at the end of the story leaves you smiling. Cowboy Sexy sounds like a great story and the cover is HOT! Thanks for the great giveaway!

thompsonem3 at aol dot com

Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, bn and Ellen.
I love HEA's and meant-to-bes!

Good luck!

Veronica said...

Your story is soo cute! Loved reading it : )


Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, Veronica!
Good luck!

Unknown said...

Cowboy Sexy sounds like an awesome read! Romances gotta have a HEA, that's why I read them!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com

Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!
Good luck!

Unknown said...

I love the warm feeling you get when people overcome the obstacles and love conquers. kat.harris35@gmail.com

Thanks for the giveaway

Donna Michaels said...

Hi, Kathleen!
Yes, it's great when characters overcome obsticals and get their HEA!
Good luck!

Unknown said...

thanks for participating. i LOVE these hops to learn about new to me authors. would love to win captive hero. thanks again!
pepperpenn42 at gmail dot com

Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, Pepper!
Me, too!

Good luck!

Katie Amanda said...

I like the good feelings you receive after finishing a happy ending. katieamanda1(at)yahoo(dot)com

Meghan said...

Honky Tonky Hearts looks interesting! Gotta love the South!


Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, Katie and Meghan!

Foretta said...

Sadly still single so no romantic happy ending but graduating from college was very happy... only one in my family to have gone!!
Thanks for the contest!!

Donna Michaels said...

Thanks, Foretta.
And congratulations on your college degree! That is an incredible accomplishment not everyone can say, including me.