Friday, March 21, 2014

Her Uniform Cowboy~ @Donna_Michaels #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek41 #Saturday7

It's Week 41 of the My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop!


This week we're talking about the sacrifices our heroes or heroines have to make to be with the one they love. Each character, each book is different, that's why we write love scenes unique to our characters.
Enjoy this week's hop where authors share 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a book or WIP.

Today, I'm sharing a scene between my heroine and her uniform cowboy. Brandi has tracked down Kade miles out on his ranch, willing to sacrifice her relationship with him in order to get him to open up. Here are approximately 7 paragraphs of Her Uniform Cowboy: 

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She wanted very much to ask him what was wrong. To get him to talk, because she knew he needed to talk, to get everything out in the open and face his demons before he could heal. But by the tight set of his jaw and shoulders, she knew he was still too closed up.
He needed to be loosened.
And she knew exactly how to do that…
Without a word, she took the hat from his hands and set it on the boulder. When he opened his mouth, she put her finger over his lips and shook her head. It wasn’t time to talk, yet. It was time to feel.
Getting the impression the spot had meaning, she intended to add to the trend. Whether it was good or bad didn’t matter. She planned to add some very good memories to the place. Right now.
Cupping his jaw, she pressed into him, inhaling near his neck. Damn, he smelled good. So Kade. She trailed her lips across his stubble, working her way to his neck where she sank her teeth. His inhale echoed around them, but he didn’t touch her, didn’t move, just clutched the damn boulder.
“It’s okay,” she said against his skin. “Let me in, Kade. Feel me.”
He shook his head. “No. I’m too broken.”

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Unknown said...

Sounds like she's going to help him heal one way or another.

Ashe Barker said...

She'll not be taking no for an answer...

Donna Michaels said...

That she is, ND!

Donna Michaels said...

Very true, Ashe!

PJ DEAN said...

Oh God! She's got her work cut out for her but I think she's up to the challenge.

Donna Michaels said...

True, PJ, and yes, she is. lol